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A collaborative, constant and direct relationship with the client through the options provided by digital platforms.

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Areas of activity

Contract Law

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Company law

Shared objectives and the realisation of a common social…

International law

In an increasingly interconnected world, people often relate to...


When we talk of corporate immigration, we refer to…


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Everyone, on daily basis, provides information about themselves to...


The concept is the brain-child of talented professionals who, after years of experience and training, decided to face a new work challenge by focusing on two aspects: a direct relationship with the client and the offer of an innovative and highly qualitative service.

The growing interdisciplinary nature regarding various issues clients face, the exponential increase in the response speed required by the market and the presence of increasingly pervasive digital technologies, have led to the creation of a new concept of “law firm”.
2legal presents itself as the law firm of the future, by maintaining a constant and direct relationship with its clients through the options provided by digital platforms, such as online consultancy and video conference systems. The client no longer has to physically go to the lawyer’s office, it will be the latter who will reach him, or her, anywhere in an easy and effective manner.

Additionally, the introduction of cloud servers allows one to work collaboratively on the drafting of documents and proceedings. Technology cancels the distance between the client and the service provider, as it allows forms of collaboration also at great distances.

2legal uses project management methodologies to manage the cases, which are handled as actual full-fledged projects. It offers a new way of working based on the client’s involvement in defining a strategy that takes into account all his/her needs, with the aim, where possible, of minimising the legal impact, while also reaching highly satisfactory transactions.

2legal is made up of lawyers who are able to read and interpret changes for the development of their clients’ activities.

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