The Lawyers

The Lawyers

2legal’s lawyers are specialised in different areas of the law and work in teams so as to encourage the exchange of knowledge and deal with all legal problems in a comprehensive way. They received postgraduate training abroad and have worked in intentional law firms, speak four languages ​​ (English, Italian, Spanish and French) and offer a new way of working, which is based on the client’s involvement in defining a strategy that takes into account all his/her needs.

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Camillo Vespasiani

Born in Le Marche, Roman and Spanish by adoption.

He studied at the “Roma Tre” University and won the one-year Erasmus grant to attend the Université René Descartes – Paris V – in Paris. After graduation, he took some specific courses to broaden his knowledge, namely Intellectual Property Law at Case Western University in Cleveland, in partnership with the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, and the Discipline of Privacy at the Luiss Business School.

He assists numerous enterprises in Corporate Law issues and the drafting/revision of Italian and International Commercial Contracts, which have large multinationals as counterparties. His role is that of Privacy Office for companies in the IT sector, also taking care of aspects related to Software Copyright. Fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Yago Caretti Giangaspro

Spanish lawyer with Argentine roots, he graduated in law from the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid. In 2016 he obtained the University Master in Human Rights from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) with a dissertation titled: “The interception of verbal conversations through electronic devices: the right to intimacy and the fundamental right to communication secrecy”.
While in Spain, he worked providing support in multiple criminal disputes, combining this activity to the defence of human rights before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), where he also took part in court proceedings of international relevance.

Now relocated in Rome and registered with the Bar Association of Rome, in quality of established lawyer, he provides legal assistance to both Italian and international clients, especially in civil matters. He is in charge of the Privacy Office for enterprises in the IT sector, as well as handling immigration law issues for individuals and companies, debt collection, family law, inheritance and human rights. Fluent in Italian, Spanish and English.

Boryana Gospodinova

Of Bulgarian origin, she holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Her dissertation was on family law and the topic’s particular focus was on the possibility by part of unwed single individuals to adopt minors. She currently practices law in Italy, following the qualification obtained after passing the exam at the Court of Appeal of Rome. She started her law practice in Rome, providing legal assistance to various corporate and individual clients, both throughout the Italian territory and internationally. From 2017 she worked out of Pesaro, in Le Marche.

In recent years, she has dedicated herself to the judicial and extrajudicial assistance in Italy for companies and individuals from Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, and has assisted, and continues to assist, Bulgarians and foreigners from Eastern Europe, including entrepreneurs, investors and workers. She specialises in civil law, more specifically in: labour law, family law, industrial law and trademark protection, and debt collection. She also gained considerable experience in the field concerning the enforcement of privacy regulations.

Johan Manuel Brett Giuntoli

Italian-Venezuelan lawyer with a Degree in Political and Legal Sciences obtained in 2007 from the Rafael Belloso Chacín University.

He has ten years of experience as a corporate lawyer and in-house council for companies and entrepreneurs.

Now relocated in Italy, he works as an immigration consultant, mainly devoting himself to providing legal counsel for Italian descendants in Latin America, for the regularisation of their Italian status in Italy and abroad.

He is also entrusted with both physical and legal individuals interested in emigrating to Europe.

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